February 23, 2009

Stranger Things Have Happened

Quick post today, we're at the train station waiting to get on our first night train. Should be interesting, since so far, we've met the nicest, most good hearted people on the trains. If the area outside the train station takes away my faith in the inherent goodness in people (and it generally does) then the trains themselves were put there to restore my faith in these people because we have only met curious and extremely helpful people on them so far. Good thing, because the confusion with trains continues. We waited for 3 hours for a train last night:S

So, since a million things have happened since we last posted, and we definitely cannot describe them all, we will leave you with a bit of a riddle. We saw the strangest thing in the street the other day, and have yet to be able to wrap our minds around what the hell it was. So, you be the judge:

First, imagine you're riding in a car/on a bike/in an autorickshaw down the street, it's nighttime and you've just arrived to a small town, thinking it will be a sleepy little town, so you've settled down into your seat. Then you approach a big scene: picture a large mini van, then, glue huge megaphone speaker things all over it, say...10.....then glue white christmas lights all over the van as well, and put the brightest white lightbulbs in them that you can find. Also, paint the van with colors like bright pink and bright green, just for fun. In the van, put really loud Hindi music playing and blast it from the speakers. In front of the van, make a 20 piece marching band wearing white and red uniforms walk with their instruments, (don't forget the trombone and bass drum!!) not playing, just generally adding to the strangeness. In front of them, put about 12 kids, each with a lamp on their head, lit up. what kind of lamp, you ask?? take any large lamp from your living room end table and remove the lampshade, it should work. Oh, and place really bright white lightbulbs in those lamps too. In front of THEM, put a group of about 30 people, singing and dancing along to the music and yelling and in the middle of them, place two middle aged men in suits, and have them be dancing and singing too. Oh, and for power, put a man behind the van on a bicycle and attach him to a generator in some configuration of wires and make him peddle the bicycle anytime you need power, which is of course, effectively, all the time.

Did I just walk into some sort of Indian homage to Dr. Suess??


  1. OH. GOOD. GOD. PLEASE tell me you took pictures of this, please??!! That has to be the most fantastically weird thing I've ever read!

  2. Sounds like a Bollywood dancing scene to me;-)